• The start is at Hyde Park Corner (Aspey Gate), London
  • You can start any time between 5am and 6am.
  • Please ‘sign on’ before you leave, so we know you’re on the road.

What kind of event is this?

The Wrong Way Round Bike Ride is a low-key no-frills village-based family-friendly event. We’re not organising the Tour de France here. Please don’t expect flags and banners along the route, or any other paraphernalia. To further keep things simple, all communications will be by email.

What are the ride options?

For 2015 there are two route options:

  • The classic route from Hyde Park Corner back to Yatton Keynell. This is an option for keen or ambitious cyclists, as you take on the challenge of 97 miles, the distance made famous by our iconic village milestone.
  • The 19-mile circuit based on Yatton Keynell. This is an option for everyone – beginners, experts, solo riders, families and groups of friends. You can do one lap, two laps, or more. Whatever takes your fancy or inspires your enthusiasm.

For information on the 19-mile lap based on Yatton Keynell, please see the separate Fact Sheet.

For information on the Classic Route, read on….

Where does it start?

The ride starts at Hyde Park Corner in London. More exact details later in this Fact Sheet.

Where does it finish?

The finish is Yatton Keynell Village Hall. There will be a bar, food, music, bike repair service, a few stalls and activities for children. Kids can also use the recreation field and play-park nearby. There will even be some bunting to get you in a festive mood for the Yatton Keynell village fete the following weekend.

Friends, families, supporters and spectators are invited to join the festival atmosphere as they wait to welcome home riders on the classic route. They can also cheer on the riders doing the 19 mile laps, and shower them with praise as they complete each lap and set off for another.

What are the timings?

You can leave Hyde Park Corner any time between 5am and 6am. Based on previous years, we expect faster riders to arrive in Yatton Keynell between 11 and 12 noon, and less fast riders to arrive between 1 and 3pm. Would all riders please aim to return to Yatton Keynell by 4pm.

Who can take part?

The ride is open to anyone, but intended as a community event, so we’re especially keen to welcome riders from Yatton Keynell and the surrounding villages, as well as anyone with a connection to the area. In previous years we’ve welcomed friend and relatives of Yatton Keynell residents from as far as Yorkshire and Sussex.

Is there an upper or lower age limit?

No. The ride is open to everyone. All participants under the age of 13 must be accompanied at all times on the route by a parent/ guardian. All participants under the age of 18 must submit the consent form completed by their parent/guardian.

What is the ride raising money for?

You can use the ride to raise money for your own favourite charity. In the past, riders have raised money for a wide range of good causes from national campaigns like Pancreatic Cancer Care to local charities such as West Kington Church. Larger charities will provide sponsor forms for supporters. Or you can make one yourself.

Do riders have to raise money?

Sponsorship is totally optional. If you don’t want to raise money, you don’t have to. Everyone is very welcome to join the ride for the challenge, the fun, the company and a great day out.

What kind of support and back-up is there?

As this is a low-key event, we simply don’t have the resources to provide support vehicles and other back-up. All riders will be responsible for getting themselves to finish. We suggest you carry a mobile phone, ready to call friends or family with cars to come to the rescue if the need arises.

How do I enter?

Please enter online here. Before you enter, please read all parts of this Fact Sheet. Please also read the Terms & Conditions. By entering this event you agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions.

If you cannot enter on line, please contact us here to arrange alternative methods.

When do I need to enter?

Please complete your entry as early as possible. For insurance reasons may have to limit the number of participants. If there’s still space, we will allow people to register and take part on the day, but this cannot be guaranteed.

What happens next?

Once we’ve received your entry form, we’ll send you an acknowledgement by email.

What about preparing my bike?

Please ensure your bike is fully prepared for the ride. Ideally you need to have the basic knowledge to fix minor mechanical problems and punctures – or ride with someone who does!

As mentioned above, we do not have the resources to provide a back-up van to repair or carry broken bikes. We strongly suggest you have your bike serviced at a reputable bike shop a week or two before staring the ride.

Will the event go ahead, whatever the weather?

Yes. Let’s all hope for a sunny day, but if it’s raining the event will still go ahead. We advise you to carry suitably warm and waterproof clothing, just in case.

Anything else to watch out for?

Roads may be quiet on Sunday morning, but can be busier on Sunday afternoon. You should always be aware of cars, lorries and other road users. You should obey the rules of the road, and follow the Highway Code, at all times.

Where is the start exactly, and how do I get there?

The actual start point is the Apsey Gate (one of the entrances into Hyde Park). We are not arranging transport to London. All participants need to make their own way to the start.

For a map see: https://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/hyde-park/map-of-hyde-park

To reach Hyde Park Corner by car, follow the M4 to London. Where the M4 ends, follow the A4 into Central London. Drive along Knightsbridge, past Harrods.

Hyde Park Corner is a large roundabout, with the Wellington Arch in the middle.

As you approach Hyde Park Corner, keep in the left lane (do not go under the underpass).

On the left, you’ll pass the Apsey Gate (a large gateway) and then a grand building with a columned portico called Apsey House (now the Wellington Museum). Turn left immediately after Apsey House (the first exit off the roundabout) into Park Lane, which leads up to Marble Arch.

After about 50 metres, you’ll see the Queen Elizabeth Gate (another ornamental entrance into Hyde Park) on the left. There are a few parking places here, and this is the best place to be dropped off. If it’s not possible to drop-off here, stay on Park Lane – now a dual carriageway. On the left side of Park Lane is a ‘hard shoulder’, where cars can drop off bikes and riders.

To get back to Apsey Gate from wherever you’ve parked, push your bike along the pavement, round in front of Apsey House. Or, if Queen Elizabeth gate is open, you can cut through the corner of the park to reach Apsey Gate.

What are the formalities?

You can start from Hyde Park Corner any time between 5am and 6am. At the Aspey Gate you’ll see one of the ride organisers – easily recognised by their official-looking clipboard and healthy-looking demeanour. Please sign the Event Participant L:ist before you leave, then you’re free to head homewards. Please do not start without signing this form, so we know you’re on the road.

Will there be any information on the day?

Yes. On the day, before you set off, we will give you a short briefing covering aspects such as road conditions. Please listen carefully this before you start.

Is the ride covered by insurance?

The organisers and officials of the Wrong Way Round Bike Ride are covered by Organisers’ Public Liability Insurance, arranged via CTC the national cycling charity. Participants are advised to arrange their own third party insurance, by joining a cycling organisation such as CTC: www.ctc.org.uk (this website also provides lots of general advice about bikes and cycling).

Any more legal aspects?

Because we’re using CTC’s insurance, we’re using their entry form, which includes a liability statement at the foot of the entry form. We’re also using their Terms & Conditions. By entering this event you are agreeing to abide by these Terms & Conditions. Sorry about this legal aspect, but we need to do things properly.

How can I connect with other local Wrong Way Round riders?

To hook up with other WWR cyclists, join the WWR Facebook page at


What if I still have questions?

Please drop us a line at info@wrong-way-round.co.uk