Wrong Way Round 2016 – CLASSIC ROUTE – Hyde Park Corner to Yatton Keynell.

Maps & gpx files

For a mapping info see https://ridewithgps.com/routes/7331198

Route description

Figures on left are distances in miles from Hyde Park Corner

0 Depart Hyde Park Corner between 5 and 6am. Please ‘sign on’ before leaving.
1 Head west along A4 through Knightsbridge. CARE: recessed drains & bad road surface.
2.3 Earls Court Road junction. CARE: three lanes of traffic on each side.
3.5 Hammersmith Flyover. Bikes should not go on flyover: follow smaller roads
and cycle-paths around and under flyover to rejoin A4 on other side.
5 Chiswick Roundabout
6 A4 M4 split. Keep left, on A4.
6.5 Roundabout: A4 & North/South Circular Rds.
7.1 Road has two lanes. Left lane is for M4; do not stay in this lane. Right lane is for A4; this requires moving across traffic. CARE. Advice: take cycle path.
10-12 Various junctions and roundabouts (Heathrow Airport T4 to left).
14 Major crossroads: A4 & A408 (Heathrow Airport T1, 2, 3 to left)
15 Petrol Station (with shop) and 24hr McDonalds
16 A4 crosses M25 (via bridge)
18 Langley Roundabout. A4 swings right, under M4. CARE: busy traffic.
20-24 Slough. CARE: many small roundabouts.
24 Roundabout: M4 (junction 7) to left
29 Thicket Roundabout, Maidenhead. A404(M) to left.
30 Petrol station (with shop)
35-44 Reading & surrounding suburbs. CARE: many junctions and small roundabouts.
Possibility of bridge closure in Reading; CARE be aware of possible diversions.
44 A4 crosses M4 (junction 12). Theale.
48 Petrol station (with shop)
57 Newbury. CARE: large roundabout with multiple lanes of traffic. Keep left for A4.
65 Hungerford.
75 Descend hill into Marlborough. CARE – sunken drains in road.
76 Marlborough – several pubs, cafes & shops on the High St
83 Beckhampton Roundabout
84 Highest point on road over Cherhill (uphill)
85 Labour-in-vain Hill (downhill) – Divine Café on left
86 Calne. Stay on A4
92 Chippenham – continue on old main road (London Rd) to town centre.
From Chippenham to Yatton Keynell there are two options:
Option 1 (Recommended): Leave Chippenham on Marshfield Rd (A420), left into Audley Rd, right at mini-roundabout, along Sheldon Rd to mini-roundabouts, right and left into Frogwell. Straight on, no-through road (for cars), take cycle path over by-pass on zig-zag bridge. Continue on lane to Biddestone. (98 miles) Through Biddestone, take Yatton Rd. Straight on at x-roads with A420 CARE. Continue to Yatton Keynell.
100 Turn right into village hall carpark to reach Yatton Keynell village hall. Finish!
Option 2: leave Chippenham on Marshfield Rd / Upper Bristol Rd (A420).
94 Folly Crossroads (double mini roundabout) CARE
94.5 Bumpers Farm Roundabout CARE. Straight on, follow A420, busy main road.
96 The Longstone (right to Yatton Keynell on B4039) CARE
97 Yatton Keynell. Continue to village shop, turn sharp left onto Biddestone Lane. Continue for 500m to turn left into village hall carpark to reach Yatton Keynell village hall. Finish!

  • At the finish, please ‘sign off’ so the organisers know you’ve arrived home safely.
  • The finish area starts to close down at 4pm. Please aim to return by 4pm. The finish area closes completely at 5pm.